“ I just wanted to say thanks again for my lashes… I absolutely love them! ”

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Eyelash Academy

Every Monday
1 day certified course – $500


Training Special

4 days certified course – $1,200
Call 647-998-2979
  • Additional purchase of a kit is required – $300
  • Saturday and Sunday classes are available

Our training course provides knowledge and practical skills to apply eyelash extensions on high professional level.


  • Product Knowledge
  • Instrument Knowledge
  • Sterilization of equipment
  • Client consultations
  • Application of patch test
  • Eyelash Extension Basics
  • Facts about the natural human eyelash
  • Variable client’s eyelash differences and tendencies
  • Semi-permanent eyelash extension shapes and lengths
  • Introduction to bonding agents
  • Maintaining eyelash extensions – refill procedures
  • Eyelash extension removal techniques
  • Aftercare of eyelash extensions
  • Advanced eyelash extension techniques
  • How to Market Your New Service

Students will perform eyelash extension techniques in the following manner:

  • Practice mannequins – This first application level will be to successfully complete an application, touch-up and removal on practice mannequins.
  • Other students – The second level will comprise of students partnering up with fellow students to apply extension on each other; this will give them first hand experience and understanding of the procedure from both sides – the client and the technician.
  • Models – The third level will be the successful application of a set of eyelash extensions on a live model.


Day 1 Workshop (5 hours)
Day 2 Workshop (5 hours)
Day 3 Workshop (5 hours)
Day 4 Workshop and Certification (5 hours)


Course Name Price
1 Day Master Class, 8 hours $850 + $300 kit
One on One Course, 4 days $1,200 + $300 kit
Group Course (3+ people), 4 days $1,000 + $300 kit